The power of connected devices

The power of connected devices

This is DNA

Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA)® links all of our devices to a secured private network.  Providers and caregivers can experience the power of connected fleets and use data to manage oxygen patients with new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Eligible device owners can also experience the benefits of DNA.  Powered by Verizon, your new device becomes a thinking, learning machine that helps more proactively support you or your loved one.  Over its lifetime, DNA enables your machine to learn usage patterns and environmental conditions.  Software updates will further improve your machine’s efficiency so it evolves with you.

Create a network of family members and caregivers.  Our DNA software tracks usage, ambulation, and breathrates, giving updates on the key information to help manage your condition.  

Experience the most proactive technical and customer support in the world with one of our world-class integrated support packages.  Our engineers will remotely monitor your machine to ensure it is performing optimally and contact you if any maintenance or software upgrades are recommended.

The World's First Smart POC

With our Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA) ® your portable oxygen device stays connected using the power of the Verizon network.  Let us show you how connected devices can take performance and service to the next level.


  • Remote DiagnosticsLet us remotely diagnose your device if there is ever an issue
  • Find my DeviceWe can trace your device's last known location if ever lost
  • Software UpgradesKeep your machine up to date as we add features and benefits
DNA Care Plans

COMING SOON, eligible retail device owners will have access DNA Customer Care plans.  Experience the peace of mind that comes with a team of experts connected to your device.  May not apply to all rental equipment.  Providers call directly for quotes on DNA fleet management packages.

  • Standard$9.99 / MoOr$0.32 / Day

    Keep your device connected to our team of engineers and allow it to start learning about its environment.  Purchase customized software to optimize for your specific uses, or upgrade to get them for free.  Under this plan your device is connected and we can remotely assist you with any and all issues.

    • Device connected to our team of engineers for optimal ongoing support
    • Environmental learning enabled to improve device performance
    • Complimentary software upgrades to help your device stay optimal over its life
    • GPS service for locating lost equipment
  • Platinum$19.99 / MoOr$0.65 / Day

    As part of our Platinum experience we seek to take all stress out of your oxygen purchase.  We will monitor your machine daily and reach out if we see any conditions that may need to be addressed.   We can also alert family members or caregivers for any number of preset conditions such as daily usage.

    • Next Day Replacements for Warranty Issues
    • Proactive Customer Support
    • Family and Caregiver Alerts
    • Lifetime warranty

Compare Plans

Verizon / GPS EnabledXX
Adaptive LearningXX
Remote DiagnosticsXX
Free Software UpgradesXX
Find My DeviceXX
Next day replacements X
Proactive Support X
Family / Caregiver Alerts X
Lifetime Warranty X
$9.99 / Mo$0.32 / Day$19.99 / Mo$0.65 / Day