Travel the world without limits

Travel the world without limits


With the longest battery life in class and the smallest batteries of any dual-mode POC, the world has never been smaller.   With FAA approval and the ability to run and charge in the vehicle, voyage to any destination freely and comfortably by car, bus, plane, train or sea.

With both pulse and continuous flow oxygen flow settings, our POC provides the safest oxygen with over three times the volume of the leading POC.  Continuous flow ensures safe oxygen while you sleep and compatibility with sleep apnea equipment.

Don't get weighed down with heavy accesories, extra batteries to compensate for short battery life, and carts that are heavy and difficult to remove.  The Oxlife Independence was designed for the best all-in experience for travel.

Travel Smart

When POC makers say 10lbs, it's only a part of the story.  See how agility, a built-in cart, and longer battery life is the smart way to travel.